Graticule privacy conscious location sharing app

Privacy Policy

Definitions = the website.

Graticule = the Android app.

one location update containing all the fields listed in Collected data from the android app = a beacon.

Collected data

The data that is collected and sent by the Graticule android app to the website is as follows:

  • the tracking link[0]
  • latitude[1]
  • longitude[1]
  • altitude[1]
  • accuracy[1]
  • speed[1]
  • location provider[1]
  • update interval[1]
  • bearing[1]
  • timestamp[1]
  • IP address[2]
  • android OS version[2]
  • phone model code[2]
  • app version[2]

[0] Due to lack of user accounts, a randomly generated un-guessable identifier stored in the android app, which can be reset by the user as needed.

[1] Publicly displayed if you have the tracking link.

[2] Only used internally for limiting abuse / debugging issues.

Data retention

All beacons, except the last one, are removed every 24 hours.

All beacons older than 1 year are completely removed on the first day of each month.

Data sharing

Data is not shared with 3rd parties.


The website uses dedicated servers from, which are located in Paris, France (EU).

Other services

The website optionally uses Google Maps for displaying map information. When using Google Maps, Google also processes and uses data about the use of Maps features by visitors to the website. For more information about Google's data processing, please refer to Google's Privacy Policy at